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This area involves a 37-year-old lady from Arizona who became interested in mommy makeovers after she finished having kids. She did research and decided that silicone breast implants, being softer and more natural, were a better choice for her breast augmentation. Her research told her that a low incision tummy tuck like the type I perform, would be better for her as well. The goal for her tummy was to take away the excess flabby skin that developed. I recommend abdominoplasty and lipo, using the very low incision technique. Right before the operations, she was wearing a 36 mid-B and requested a full C cup. She is about 5 feet 1 inch and weighs 141 pounds. We used 375 cc silicone breast implants for her operation. The operation was carried out nicely and she spent one night at the surgery center for better comfort. In addition, she had 4650 cc of unwanted fat removed from the thighs, back, hips and tummy.


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