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A wonderful example of how silicone breast implants can reverse pregnancy changes in the breasts and improve symmetry is shown in this young 27-year-old mom from Carefree, Arizona. She had significantly deflated, asymmetrical breasts after having two kids. Her left breast was smaller and the rib cage on that side was sunken in as a result of scoliosis. She wanted better symmetry, cleavage, and roundness of the breasts. We recommended high profile silicone breast implants, which would fit her tall, thin frame of 5 feet 8 inches tall and 24.3 pounds, and avoid "side boobs" which are often seen with wider breast implants. Nipple incisions were used to place a 500cc silicone breast implant on the smaller left breast and a 475cc silicone breast implant on the bigger right breast. Liposuction of the fat was performed in the axilla. This extremely beautiful result brought her from a 32A to a 32D Plus. The cleavage is ideal while the roundness and balance reverses all the pregnancy changes to her breasts.


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