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A 48 year old lady came to my plastic surgery center in Scottsdale center and told me that she did not like the appearance of her abdomen. She complained of having loose skin, large rolls, dents and weak muscles as a result of having kids many years back. She wanted all this gone and for me to provide a flat tummy with smooth skin. I let her know that the best way to accomplish this was to perform a Scottsdale tummy tuck, repair her abdominal muscles and do some power assisted liposuction to take away the unwanted fat. I explained that power-assisted liposuction is a state-of-the technique that allows for the removal of unwanted fat while minimizing pain and bruising. I performed her tummy tuck and the extra tissue removed weighed 1.7 kilograms removing all the loose and excessive skin on her tummy. The fat removed with lipo totaled another 2.65 liters. I also performed my specially designed belly button technique to give her a round and natural appearing belly button, which she was thrilled to see. Before and after tummy tuck photos are taken six months after her surgery.


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