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An attractive and charming 44 year old mom requested a tummy tuck to go along with her overall mommy makeover. She mentioned that with kids and pregnancy, came a full tummy with a "pooch" and some "muffin tops" on each side. She was quite displeased about all of this and was seeking an operation to improve the situation. I recommended a tummy tuck, power assisted liposuction and to exchange her older saline breast implants and to upgrade to soft and beautiful silicone breast implants. She actually decided not to pursue the liposuction recommendation and I did not perform any lipo for her in this case. I agreed to do this because the vast majority of her troubles were due to the weakness in the muscles and not due to fatty accumulation. While she is in good health, she measured 4 feet 11 inches tall, and weighed in at 150 pounds. A tummy tuck was done with our very low incision technique and the abdominal muscles were tightened. The fat and skin from the tummy added up to 785 grams. In the after pictures, at 2 months, a nice improvement is seen in all the areas. The tummy is really flat.


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