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Here we have a nice 63 year old lady who requested facial plastic surgery. She consulted with me in my north Scottsdale plastic surgery center and discussed facelift and cosmetic eyelid surgery. She mentioned that over the years, she noticed her face made her look much older than how she felt inside. She felt youthful and energetic on the inside, but she did not see this when she looked in the mirror. She requested facial rejuvenation. Additionally, she received radiation for cancer on the right cheek and she developed asymmetry in the lower eyelids and face. She had facial plastic surgery performed at a local cosmetic surgery center and recovered nicely. Her facelift was performed using the deeper tissues to support the skin tightening and reduce the wrinkles. The operation included a facelift, upper and lower cosmetic eyelid surgery, and fat injections to the laugh lines and right cheek.


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