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A 30 year old lady from Buckeye, Arizona requested a mommy makeover type 4 at my Scottsdale, Arizona plastic surgery center. She wanted a "natural" looking tummy tuck and a "round" well-defined buttock. She mentioned that before kids, her butt was fuller and less saggy. Her butt was also firmer. She also mentioned that her kids were really big, and lead to the development of great weakness in her abdominal muscles with a significant "pooch". After I explained how Brazilian butt lift works, she requested we perform her tummy tuck, liposuction and butt fat injections all in one setting. Before her cosmetic surgery, she is 5 feet 1 inch and 103 pounds. During her mommy makeover 4 surgery, a very low incision tummy tuck with a significant abdominal muscle repair. I was able to fat harvest 1950 cc from her abdomen and hips. This fat was then processed and I was able to develop fat injection of 480 cc of fat per buttock cheek to give her a very attractive A shape configuration with a full round buttock. She is shown 4 months after plastic surgery.


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