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This is another wonderful patient that requested a tummy tuck as part of her Scottsdale mommy makeover. She is a 44 year old who told me her tummy was loose and flabby. She was thin, petite and in overall good shape. I did recommend a tummy tuck which would mostly involve skin removal, muscle work, some power assisted liposuction. In addition to being in excellent health, she is 4 feet 11 inches and 110 pounds. The tummy tuck was carried out gently and easily and I placed a pain reducing pump for 72 hours to make her even more comfortable. The tissue removed weighed 402 grams and an additional 400 cc of unwanted fat was also removed. Her incision turned out to be pretty and her figure looked so much better after this operation. She was pleased by the natural looking belly button which allows her to be at a poolside without reservation.


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